Gate Preparation Tips

Gate preparation tips & tricks for newbies:- All the stundets want to crack the exam of gate but from all few are only successful. So today we are here to give you some of the tips and tricks for the preparation for the Gate exam. You have to just follow these tips and some of the tricks for the preparation for the Gate examination. From these tricks you will hopefully pass in the gate exam with the good marks.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of the candidate in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering/Technology/Architecture and post-graduate level subjects in Science. The GATE score of a candidate reflects a relative performance level in a particular subject in the exam across several years. The score is used for admissions to post-graduate programs (e.g., M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.) in Indian institutes of higher education with financial assistance provided by MHRD and other Government agencies. The score may also be used by Public and Private Sector Undertakings for employment screening purposes.

Gate preparation Tips

Preparing tips and tricks for newbies :

  • Buy or get a copy of previous year question papers if possible with solutions. Having a hard copy is very important and we are going to refer it again and again during whole preparation. Also you can have Soft Copies of Previous Year GATE Papers here.
  • Mentally see yourself succeedFirst and foremost, see yourself succeed. You have this seed of a dream to clear the GATE exam, water the seed. Believe that you have the ability to clear the exam and that you have cleared the exam. Mentally, if you can visualize yourself clearing the exam, you will physically execute it too
  • Refer to syllabus and analyse the number of questions asked in each subject. As all subjects don’t have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over others. It mean few subject may have more questions asked in exam than others.
  • Make a priority list of subjects based on marks or preference given it in previous exams. Marks distribution of subject will help you prioritise and allocate preparation time to different subjects. If distribution is not prepared we usually end up in a random preparation and finally will have tough time dealing with important subjects.
  •  Interact with fellow students or ask experts for clarifications. The more you interact, the more you will come to know about the subject.
  •   If need be, you can also join a coaching institute that trains students for GATE examinations.
  • Last, but not the least! Keep revising the text regularly to remember what you have studied.

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